The Muslim, Hindu problem?

If India wants to move forward as a unified country all members must be treated equally this must start with the people. As long as fundamentalist are not publicly shamed and called out then the government will help to grow these differences in order to maintain their corrupt power.



It is my opinion that what causes the riots between Muslims and Hindus in India is not just a hatred between each other but the police and Government. They want to keep the people apart so that they wont join together and fight the real enemy police who do not look out for the well being of the people. If Indians were allowed to buy guns this problem would change because the people could fight the police and force them to protect all and not just some.

My Friend and Chai

My friend and roommate went to India last summer. She loved it there and wants to go back sometime soon. Anyways, today on Facebook she posted this video.

Her comment was “craving some good indian chai”. While I have had Chai in the states from how I’ve heard people talk about chai in India, it sounds heavenly. It’s not the first time she has craved “real Chai”. So basically I was just intrigued by this video. It, to me at least, shows how Westerners are video tapping being served Chai on a train. It’s interesting how that can seem so foreign or “Oriental” while I know in America/Western countries they serve coffee and other drinks on trains. Granted its a different culture and is done a bit differently but it just really points out how India can be viewed as exotic and strange even though its something quite simple and common; expect the Chai which is apparently hard to get a hold of the good stuff.

My Favorite Text

I don’t know why but I was thinking about what my favorite book we read for this class was. I normally don’t like to play favorites but it’s always fun to think about why I liked something so much or more than other things. The top two would be The Quilt and Other Short Stories and Firaaq. I guess for some reason I found those the most intriguing and gripping. They are complex as is everything else we read/watched but I think one of the bigger draws was that they were translated. It’s nice to read/watch something that was actually written/filmed for the people of that culture. I know sometimes things can get lost in translation but I found those works very moving and still got the message across. Also, the Hindu and Muslim people engaging each other, as well as the tensions there, was just something I had never been exposed to so I just ate that up to learn more about it all and grow in a better understanding in general.

Prime Time Gunga Din

Last night on TMC for Cary Grant’s day, the highlight at 8pm was none other than Gunga Din. This was the prime time slot. For some reason this surprised me. Perhaps it’s because before this class I never knew about this movie or that Cary Grant was in it. I had seen the Philadelphia Story and North by Northwest before, which were both being shown earlier in the day. I guess I would have thought that one of those movies would have been given a prime time slot and Gunga Din been played earlier. This is due to what the American culture pushes as a “Cary Grant film” and how before this quarter I had never heard about Gunga Din, meaning it may not be as well known as other films Grant has done. Granted Gunga Din is a very Western representation of India, but it was fun to recognize what the context surrounding all of this was and know more about India in literature/media than what Gunga Din shows. It makes me wonder though how many people saw Gunga Din last night for the first time, or a second or third, and that reinforced their Western outlook on India.

Aab Restaurant, Grandview.

Monica, myself, and our friend John went to Aab in Grandview last week and I must blog about it because IT WAS AWESOME. This was Monica and John’s first time eating Indian food and it was my third. However, this was my first time tying Indian beer and it was pretty fantastic as well.

We did the lunch buffet in order to try a little bit of everything and I can report that there wasn’t one thing on the buffet that we didn’t like. I definitely recommend it. So, my little classmates.. go indulge! But don’t plan anything for the rest of the day because you will be put in a food coma.

Here’s the web page:

and yes, the web page does open with a picture of an elephant 🙂


A Little Extra Reading

I just wanted to share the topic of my paper with those who may be interested in a little further reading.

I wrote my paper on the Indian author Premchand, and his story “The Road to Salvation.” It’s just a short story, but I was most interested in the conflict the exists between two peasants and how they essentially destroy one another. It is an interesting perspective that we don’t really see elsewhere in the course reading materials.