Americatown has the best Barbecue Ribs!





Americatown in Mumbai? Hm… What if Americans did migrate abroad in search of job opportunities?

In other news… I met someone from Chennai, India at the Taj Mahal open mic last week (great food, fun music… highly recommend!). I felt really cool, or maybe dorky, that I was able to bring up some things from this class during conversation with him. He got really excited when I mentioned some of the books we have read. You never know when this info comes in handy outside of the classroom!


Indians against The White Tiger





I found this 2008 article on “The White Tiger” and it caught me by surprise. Yes, the novel brings to light a different aspect of India… But, a novel simply about the India that “shines” wouldn’t push boundaries, grab the attention of readers and speak of unpopular or touchy subjects. I don’t think anyone (ok, not anyone in our class) is reading this novel and thinking that absolutely every rich Indian is treating his or her servants the way the novel depicts. In fact, this is the complete opposite mentality one should have while reading the novel. I think it’s counterproductive to get fired up over a negative depiction of one’s own society… but, nonetheless, for the author I’d see the criticism as a compliment. If you’re not pushing anyone’s buttons, then what are you accomplishing with your writing, anyway?