India’s independence day

In light of tomorrow being India’s independence day, I thought Id post this video. It makes me smile everytime, although it’s a few years old. Its crazy to think that India is only in its 60s as an independent nation because the actual depth and history goes back thousands of years. Anyway, hope it makes u smile too, see you guys tomorrow



An acquaintance of mine is studying abroad in India for the summer. Pictures were posted so as I was looking at the album, there was a picture of some indian food. Granted, the food in the picture did look more unfamiliar than even what I am used to, I was alarmed at one of the comments on the photo. A girl wrote “EWWW, no wonder everyone is so skinny in India.” I was immediately a little taken aback by the judgmental comment. It reminded me of why im grateful to go to a class like ours and learn how to approach comments like this differently. Instead of immediately getting upset, I began to think of why this girl had such an image of india/indian people based on the orientalist portrayals of the “east” as well as the poverty often shown in the media. It did not take the offense away from the comment, but it got me thinking in research mode which is indeed progress wrapped in a seemingly hopeless moment!

the little things…

i just finished The God of Small Things. Im in shock at the way Roy so flawlessly and uniquely uses words. The final chapter was phenomenal, after such a tragic ending and the splitting of the twins, the “small things” were focused on and ended the book. It got me thinking about how often little things drive the actions we do in life. The short term, the immediate, that is what usually is to thank or blame for a lot of the fate of humans. Im excited to delve into the novel in class tomorrow!

a little bit disconcerting…–51–marries-16-year-old-singer/8203636&rss=rss-wabc-ent_story-8203636


Im sure people have heard but if not, 51 year old actor Doug Anthony Hutchinson from Lost recently married a 16 year old country singer. This reminds me of The Quilt and Other Stories and the age differences we saw within those stories. Just like in class how we discussed the similarities between the lifting of the veil in the west and non-west, here is another thing that should not always and only be associated with the east. Yikes, right?!

A pastiche sewn by women/piece of property…apparently they’re interchangeable

I was curious about the Quilt. I googled it and was looking at an interesting article that mentioned the translation of Lihaaf and Quilt, which is suppose to be an appropriate translation of the original word.

 “Quilt and quilting evoke patches, a pastiche sewn by women working singly or together; it is part of a woman’ s domain. LiHaaf, on the other hand, made out of cotton or silk fiber and fabric, is one piece, often made by male tailors. Once made, it is incorporated into the accoutrements of a woman’s domestic terrain. A LiHaaf is also something given to women in marriage as a piece of property.”

Interesting right?!? Its crazy how both match the work of Chughtai and the story, yet are so drastically different in their meanings. Any thoughts or opinion/which do you think better represents the story?

here is the article


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I was perusing and news of this explosion in Mumbai came up, must have occured as we were sitting in class discussing the India Pakistan Partition and the effects of such a drastic happening. Mumbai was blasted, a series of explosions occured in Dadar. 20 were killed and 113 injured.

“No organization claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s blasts, though suspicion focused on Pakistan-based militant groups or a homegrown terror organization known as theIndian Mujahedin.

India and Pakistan have recently resumed talks on improved relations that were halted after the 2008 Mumbai attack that targeted two luxury hotels, a Jewish center and a busy train station.” -LA Times

My thoughts on this? Well, I was thinking of how Gandhi was against the partition and how he wanted one large secular entity to exist as India. Although it would have been difficult and quite painful to endure at the time, in the long run if India and Pakistan/Bangledesh would have remained one country and fought past the ethnic/religious differences, I wonder if problems such as these would be any less. There will always be religious tensions, but seeing the US now as opposed to 50 or so years ago, the segregation of African Americans and the racial hatred has decreased significantly after the gov implemented integration and people stopped looking for differences and a need to stratify.

With the partition, the already divided peoples arnt just Muslim and Hindu, they are Indian and Pakistani. This created more division and in turn is doing the opposite of what would have been ideal. The stratification that haunts societies will never cease to exist with the thick border that already mentally existed many Muslims and Hindus.

When seeing Gandhi’s letter to Hilter in class, it made me feel his foresight was immense. If Hitler would have listened, millions of lives would have been saved. If the same would have occurred and India/Pakistan would have listened and not split, I wonder how different it would be today?