Aab Restaurant, Grandview.

Monica, myself, and our friend John went to Aab in Grandview last week and I must blog about it because IT WAS AWESOME. This was Monica and John’s first time eating Indian food and it was my third. However, this was my first time tying Indian beer and it was pretty fantastic as well.

We did the lunch buffet in order to try a little bit of everything and I can report that there wasn’t one thing on the buffet that we didn’t like. I definitely recommend it. So, my little classmates.. go indulge! But don’t plan anything for the rest of the day because you will be put in a food coma.

Here’s the web page: http://www.aabindiarestaurant.com/

and yes, the web page does open with a picture of an elephant ­čÖé



Because I’m in stock market mode…

All I’ve been doing is watching news about the stock market and was curious as to how India is hodling up… so for anyone else who shares my curiosity:


looks like no one is safe.

Female Virginity in the USA

Hello classy classmates,

In response to the discussion about females having all of the pressure to remain virgins before marriage, I would like to propose a reason for this. Back in the colorful days of Puritanism, it was widely believed that women were “more easily tempted by the devil” and, therefore, should be┬ábasically “ruled”┬áby men after marriage to keep them from straying sexually.┬áMaybe the supression of women has carried on? Or maybe women had to prove everyone wrong by remaining a virgin and the tradition lives on?




Some reoccuring themes in Gandhi

Yep, everyone else is out at cookouts for the 4th and I’m here blogging..

But I just finished the movie and I wanted to point out a few things of interest to me:

1) I saw elephants

…basically that’s the only thing I want to say for now. I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for class discussion.

Hope your burgers are juicy and your hot dogs are.. hot.