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The Muslim, Hindu problem?

If India wants to move forward as a unified country all members must be treated equally this must start with the people. As long as fundamentalist are not publicly shamed and called out then the government will help to grow these differences in order to maintain their corrupt power.



It is my opinion that what causes the riots between Muslims and Hindus in India is not just a hatred between each other but the police and Government. They want to keep the people apart so that they wont join together and fight the real enemy police who do not look out for the well being of the people. If Indians were allowed to buy guns this problem would change because the people could fight the police and force them to protect all and not just some.

False Statements in White Tiger

On page three of the novel the narrator states, “Only three nations have never let themselves be ruled by foreigners: China, Afghanistan, and Abyssinia. These are the only three nations I admire.”

While this sounds good and all anybody with a basic thirst for historical knowledge will know that all three of these nations have been ruled by “foreigners” just like every other piece of land in the world.

China: In 1271 China was taken over and ruled by the Mongols. The son of the legendary Genghis Khan, Kublai became the first emperor of Yuan Dynasty which existed for almost 100 years. In fact when Marco Polo reached China between the years of 1271-1275 he did not meet with a chinese leader but rather with the Mongol leader Kublai Khan.

Afghanistan: Also was conquered by the Mongols this time by Genghis him self. The major cities were destroyed and the population decreased dramatically. This happened in 1219. Also before the Russian invasion in the late 70′s the country was run by a puppet Government propped up by Moscow.

Abyssinia: Which is now known as Ethiopia was conquered and ruled by Mussolini’s fascist Italy . This ruled lasted from 1936-1941.

While the author may just not know his history it is interesting that he makes an assertion that at least some countries have not been ruled by others it is just too bad that it is not the truth. Every part of the world has changed hands many times and will continue to change hands in the future, it is human nature and it cannot be stopped.

Any opinions on why the author would put wrong information in his novel is welcomed.