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“Venice of the East” Vacation in India!!!!

Udaipur, India is often called the “Venice of the East” and is also nicknamed the “Lake City”   although the western media portrays India as exotic but it always shows the poorer side of the city.  Here is a link to view more details and a luxury hotel in this scenic city!!!!



Coruption in India!!!!!!!!!

I found this interesting article about a new Bill that was being drafted to fight coruption and now there is a depate and two versions of the Bill.  You can read the attached article. Very interesting!!!!!


Media in the USA!!!!

I was watching CNN the other day and i noticed that instead of covering major Issues like the Famine in East Africa particularly in Somalia they were still covering the death of Amy Winehouse.  This is crazy for such a large media outlet that people watch.  I am sure if we ask a lot of Americans today about events around the world they would not know it which is sad because our media here is more concerned about actors and singers more than major events around the world.

Eastern countries and women’s rights

Many people especially in the west feel that women don’t have rights in the eastern countries especially in Muslim countries but such a grouping is untrue.  Many countries women are judges, lawyers , doctors and many other professions that are considered male dominating professions. i just wanted to see what is your opionions about this oulook in eastern women.

Enjoyed class!!!!!!

Our first class was very informative and great.  It was great to see people’s perception about india, and some of the comments were quite comical and others were close to what India is today.  i am looking forward to this class and what it has to offer, i thought i know a lot about India but it looks like i am in for a ride.

One thing that no one mentioned is the Cashmere problem with Pakistan and why has that been such a long-standing issue between two neighboring countries.