Prime Time Gunga Din

Last night on TMC for Cary Grant’s day, the highlight at 8pm was none other than Gunga Din. This was the prime time slot. For some reason this surprised me. Perhaps it’s because before this class I never knew about this movie or that Cary Grant was in it. I had seen the Philadelphia Story and North by Northwest before, which were both being shown earlier in the day. I guess I would have thought that one of those movies would have been given a prime time slot and Gunga Din been played earlier. This is due to what the American culture pushes as a “Cary Grant film” and how before this quarter I had never heard about Gunga Din, meaning it may not be as well known as other films Grant has done. Granted Gunga Din is a very Western representation of India, but it was fun to recognize what the context surrounding all of this was and know more about India in literature/media than what Gunga Din shows. It makes me wonder though how many people saw Gunga Din last night for the first time, or a second or third, and that reinforced their Western outlook on India.


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