My Friend and Chai

My friend and roommate went to India last summer. She loved it there and wants to go back sometime soon. Anyways, today on Facebook she posted this video.

Her comment was “craving some good indian chai”. While I have had Chai in the states from how I’ve heard people talk about chai in India, it sounds heavenly. It’s not the first time she has craved “real Chai”. So basically I was just intrigued by this video. It, to me at least, shows how Westerners are video tapping being served Chai on a train. It’s interesting how that can seem so foreign or “Oriental” while I know in America/Western countries they serve coffee and other drinks on trains. Granted its a different culture and is done a bit differently but it just really points out how India can be viewed as exotic and strange even though its something quite simple and common; expect the Chai which is apparently hard to get a hold of the good stuff.


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