My Favorite Text

I don’t know why but I was thinking about what my favorite book we read for this class was. I normally don’t like to play favorites but it’s always fun to think about why I liked something so much or more than other things. The top two would be The Quilt and Other Short Stories and Firaaq. I guess for some reason I found those the most intriguing and gripping. They are complex as is everything else we read/watched but I think one of the bigger draws was that they were translated. It’s nice to read/watch something that was actually written/filmed for the people of that culture. I know sometimes things can get lost in translation but I found those works very moving and still got the message across. Also, the Hindu and Muslim people engaging each other, as well as the tensions there, was just something I had never been exposed to so I just ate that up to learn more about it all and grow in a better understanding in general.


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