English 583- My Experience

End of the quarter! I won’t lie and say it went fast, but I will say that I did enjoy class. I’m not shy, but I am more of the silent type, and that’s because I enjoyed listening to what others had to say. I think it’s rather refreshing to get so many perspectives on something that is unfamiliar to most of us (at least me for sure). I did like the infusion of pop culture with the class, though I honestly would’ve liked to seen more of that. Most of the stories we read were very stimulating and different, though I admittedly thought Gandhi’s autobiography was an absolute struggle to read, and The Shadow Lines I didn’t really enjoy all that well, though it’s because of the novel’s structure, not the content. The only time I’ve ever enjoyed a jumping chronology is the Back to the Future trilogy.

Prior to this class, my experience and knowledge with India was very limited to much of what I blogged about, along with a couple of films I never mentioned (see Fire. It’s really well done and entertaining). I was initially concerned with how this would strengthen me as someone who one day aspires to write my own novels, but I can honestly say I feel much stronger as an author due to my experience in this class. Thank you all for making it very enjoyable!

-Justin O’Riley

Future writer of fantasy sci-fi

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A self-professed "nerd," I love to write about things that make me "geek" out, especially video games, film and tv, fantasy/sci-fi, pro-wrestling, football, and retro stuff. I'm a father of a wonderful daughter who drives me to nothing less than the best!

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