What Now?

Today was our last day of class, and there were many eye-opening topics the we came about. I wanted to say that it was a great lecture and am surprised at the level of discussion. I wanted to make a comment on the literature in a while related to reality. As we have discussed of the various books, Ive accepted its hard to get every scope of a single story represented in any way.  Now India is a sovereign nation, and younger than the U.S. As the population of Indian immigrants as well as those who have Indian ethnicity in them grow in the United States it is impertinent that a less-oriental , more factual representation be presented, in my opinion. Now my question to you is what needs to be done/should be done? Should someone take charge, and who? I was also wanted to mention I was going through National Geographic videos/films and have noticed that all of the title for exotic/weird/taboo things have hands with henna tattoos in the background. Now this may have little relation to my question, but I though I might point out that I found this to be extremely curious.

PS Is there a better way of representing India than what we have gathered in class, should it be?


2 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. In my opinion, the best thing we can do is to spread the word to others about what we’ve learned. I think that our eyes have been opened (in a variety of ways) over the period of this course. I’d say the vast majority of us will leave this course wearing a different lens than we entered with.

    We need to share this lens with others and I believe they’ll listen.

    Actually, just this past Friday, I was sitting in Cup O Joe and ended up discussing the course with a complete stranger. My quickest reference was to the misrepresentation/Orientalist perspective in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. When I mentioned a few points to this person, he was taken aback that he had never noticed the way the audience is positioned to view that film. Now, whether or not he will truly start wearing this ‘new’ lens – I’m unsure. But, I’ve spread the word.

    If we can mention these misrepresentations to even a few people, we are one step closer to sqashing the Western ‘Orientalist’ perspective.

  2. Personally, I’ve never been an activist type. I don’t get the urge to spread the word about much of anything, with the exception of a few select issues. That being said, I think integrating the critical thinking that you’ve gained from this course into your outlook will help representations of other cultures drastically. Just by being trained to look for instances of misrepresentation in things you consume daily (advertisements, T.V. shows, music, movies, books, humor of various kinds, popular opinion, etc.) Particularly, the way you talk is infectious. My friends and I used to use the word “gay” as in insult quite frequently, and we used to make fun of Wanda Sykes when she came on T.V. and told us to stop. While I may not necessarily hold to popular views on homosexuality, I thought about the way in which my faith forbids judgment and emphasizes love for all, and the way using “gay” in that way makes me look like an utter hypocrite when I say, “I don’t think it’s right, but I’m not going to judge people for it.” So, I shared this point in passing with my friends, and didn’t really push it. But, I quit saying it. And as I did, my friends followed suit. The way you talk is infectious, and says a lot about you. I think the best thing to do with anything you learn is to consider the implications it has on what you believe, how much it should affect the way you believe, and act accordingly, very similar to what Dr. Jani said today about taking sides.

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