Snake Charmers

This subject I noticed has not really been mentioned much, if at all, which I find interesting because it’s one of the most common stereotypes associated with India, especially the misrepresentations of Indians as mystical. I thought about this because of this infamous viral video that shows an infant playing with a defanged cobra. It’s very easy to judge upon viewing, because even a defanged cobra could be dangerous. However, I did read on Wikipedia (the most trusted source on the net…please don’t judge me) something that would not have made sense to me prior to this class, which is a better understanding of the caste system. Certain caste systems force entire families to become snake charmers. In many cases, it’s an inherited profession (similar to sweepers in some aspects), so a look at that same video with this new perspective, it’s not so….ok, so it’s still hard to watch, but growing up with snakes probably makes it easier to be a snake charmer, since both snake and human become acclimated to each other. I know I would cry, cause like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes.\

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