Seven Notes

I really loved Khan Saheb and his perpetuation of music in Firaaq. It might be easily argued that his most powerful line came when he tells Karim Mian seven musical notes cannot compete with the violence and hate that surrounds them. However, I thought he was particularly insightful when he jokingly suggested Muslims no longer wanted music (after Karim questions the lack of Muslim students). While it is obvious that this lack in Muslim attendance comes from the fear of violence, it reminds me of the ideas that Muslim extremist groups perpetuate. Some of the most beautiful literature comes from Sufi poets, yet fundamentalist groups (technically operating under the same faith) do their best to eliminate this literature and music (perhaps a twisted parallel to the destruction of Wali’s shrine).

In case I lost anyone there, I am basically saying:

It’s interesting that Khan says Muslims don’t need music anymore, because some Muslims won’t allow music anymore.


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