Gaming in India

I was reading some stuff on video games (as usual) when I noticed an article talking about various countries and what types of video games are popular. For US, Europe, and Japan it’s the home consoles (Wii, PS3, X360) that endure consistently, although the handheld market has also done well (DS, PSP). For Korea and China, the MMO games are so big that some players have actually died because they would continuously¬†sit at home (or more likely internet cafes, which are still big overseas) and play until their body completely shuts down (World of Warcraft, Starcraft). India actually surprised me, as I guessed they would probably be similar to their neighbors and also be big into MMOs, but their most popular gaming platform of choice for several years has been mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iAnything, cell phones). This trend is picking up steam globally, and a good example is right here in America. One of the most popular video games last year? Anyone? The answer is: Angry Birds. Seriously, Wal-Mart has stuffed dolls and wall stickers of these things. There is (supposedly) a movie being made on this game. All this is proof that mobile gaming is definitely gaining more popularity. I am a hardcore gamer, and I can’t name any original mobile game that was made before 2009. Does India deserve the credit for this trend? Probably not entirely (thank Steve Jobs), but it’s interesting to notice that the trend started there.

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