end of quarter

Reflecting back on this class.  I first thought it was going to be awful.  Summer course on an area I knew very little about.  Though the class was very enjoyable.  I liked being able to see all the different sides of India through the literature and the class discussions.  This blog also really helped expand my knowledge. 

I thought about the White Tiger more.  Balram may not have had many options to get out of the darknes: killing his boss was really his only choice.  But weather he stayed in a tea shop, or as a driver, or became and entrepreneur he would have been involved in some corruption.  He did use his position as a driver to make more money.  The people back home weren’t much better either.  The school teacher refused to teach and sold the uniforms and if there was a boy getting married in your family then your family screwed the girls family out of so many things. 

I also considered if there is a “roosters coop” here in the U.S.  Maybe not entirely across the country, but I think in different communities, religions, and schools there is definately a “roosters coop.”  Consider a high school.  The stereotypical high school has the jocks and cheerleaders at top and they are the ones who make all the decisions while everyone else follows, because if you don’t follow it would be “social suicide.”  Not every high school is like this but there is probably some form of a “roosters coop” in many high schools.  I definately cannot speak for every community or religion, but where I grew up my community is based strongly around the catholic religion.  Marry another catholic or “social suicide.”  Put money in the collection basket every Sunday or people will definately look down on you.  The consequences are nothing compared to those in The White Tiger, but there are “roosters coops” in the U.S. too.

Hope everyone enjoyed the class!  Enjoy your Time off!


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