The Namesake

Promotional Poster for “The Namesake”

As I was researching, I saw the name of Kal Penn, who most will know from “Van Wilder,” “House M.D.,” and the “Harold & Kumar” stoner comedies. However, I remember watching him in this film in another English class (Popular Culture I believe), and after thinking about it I couldn’t help but feel that this would perhaps have made a great textual option for this class. It’s not a comedy (Kal Penn is an underrated actor who has made some pretty poor choices though), so those expecting to laugh would be better off renting “Malibu’s Most Wanted” or something. The Namesake focuses on Gogol Ganguli, who is named that after his father’s love of the works of Russian author Nikolai Gogol, and the struggles of cross-culture clash between America and India. The movie becomes incredibly sad at times, but it really captures a lot of good ideas with culture clashing and misrepresentation. If critical acclaim is your thing, it has an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 82% on Metacritic. I think this movie is fantastic, and highly recommend it.



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2 thoughts on “The Namesake

  1. Ironically, another Harold and Kumar film is coming out in December; A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas! Your post begs to question; why are many Indian actors underrated and forced into comedic roles in American cinema? Wouldn’t you agree that such false characterizations have perpetuated the American orientalist? If we think back to earlier Hollywood film’s, we would see similar characterizations; the buck toothed china man, the mystical oriental fortune teller or magic man, the bewitching Asian servant woman. now we have the karate fighting China man and the White Castle loving Indian duo. Strange how little incorrect type casting has changed during the past 80 years….On second thought, not strange at all.

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