Slumdog Millionare

I would like to preface this by admitting I have never seen Slumdog Millionaire, and honestly, I really don’t have much interest. However, I was curious, so I perused its Wiki page, and thought it was very interesting that it is listed right in its description as a “2008 British Romantic Comedy.” Really? Then I started looking at the people who worked on the film behind the scenes. Danny Boyle? Really? The same guy who directed 28 Days Later? Written by Simon Beaufoy, who you may know from another movie he wrote known as “The Full Monty.” The list seems to go on, which leads me to believe that, yeah, this is indeed a movie that is better classified as a British Romcom than a true Bollywood film. Anyone want a good idea for a Romcom? “Mannequin” from the late 80s, starring Andrew McCarthy (Weekend at Bernies….hey, I’m almost 29 years old) and pre-Sex in the City Kim Catrall.

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One thought on “Slumdog Millionare

  1. I found this post very interesting since I have seen Slumdog Millionaire and would have never classified it as a comedy. So, Intrigued, I looked it up and it is classified as a British Romantic Drama. Not trying to be nit-picky but the comedy element just isn’t really present in the film. I think you point out some interesting facts though in terms of who was behind the film and just how very British this movie is. It somehow doesn’t surprise me, in light of what we have learned, that the one movie about India most people have seen is this movie and it comes from the British. Though, the fact that the movie is based on a novel that was written by an Indian man named Vikas Swarup does give the movie more credibility, at least in my opinion.

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