India Shining Video

I became interested in the India Shining campaign after Dr. Jani introduced it in his 592 class. Now, after finishing The White Tiger, I am even more interested in it. The campaign shows images of India’s success to show how far the country has advanced. What I find fascinating is how much the ads do not show. The ads focus on the very rich and ignore the middle class and poor while The White Tiger paints a very different image of India. I did a little research in attempt to integrate the two. For the most part I was unsuccessful. However, I stumbled across this video:

The video begins with an almost ugly portrayal of India. The city in which the video is shot is crowded and dirty. The video goes on to show that with a unified community true change is possible. I like this video so much because it does not attempt to hide the issues that India faces while remaining hopeful for the future (of course the cute little boy who plays the hero doesn’t hurt either). I will admit the clip is a bit unrealistic, but it is definitely better than some of the other pictures/videos that I have seen.


One thought on “India Shining Video

  1. Haha this is the third video from the Lead India campaign posted on here…obviously they used social media marketing well.
    In the other clips too we saw a repeated theme of the two Indias, new & old, rich & poor, clean & dirty, modern and backwards. With Amitabh Bachchan, he literally came out and said the old India is holding the new one back, and implied that it must be transformed…or cut off. Shahrukh Khan acknowledged the new India as have other nations, but issued a call to step up and change so India is no longer simple considered a “developing” nation, but rather should take the lead in the world, to even dominate.
    Now this clip shows a mix of things of the old and new India, of the wealthy sitting in their luxury cars with A/C and the poorer folks pulling rickshaws, or half-clothed children playing in the streets. This sight is common in India, although I’m not sure if I would outright categorize it as dirty or ugly…but you do hear a women in her car commenting on the traffic (perhaps an NRI?) that she “hates this country.”
    Of course the plot of the commercial is unrealistic, albeit typical of Indian cinema for such unlikely scenarios to occur, but I would say that it intimates several things:
    1) India’s future, its progress, lies with its (massive population of) youth
    2) The current forces in power, as depicted by the lazy cops on the side who do not pitch in their effort, are useless and power needs to come to the people (which is an interesting theme considering the recent peoples’ revolutions around the globe and the current anti-corruption protests happening in India and now Pakistan)
    3) India must truly take on the Nehruvian ideals of unity in diversity to move ahead, from the very rich and very poor, men and women, and people of all religions and backgrounds. Of course this commercial is set in a city, so maybe that also speaks of the rural/urban divide but I may reading too far into it.

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