Indian Culture and the Internet

The wonders of Indian culture and the Internet joining forces so that people with extra time on their hands may be entertained or something like that. LOLZ

Is this orientalism in the “Information Age” or is it just plain dumb? The world may never know for sure but maybe you have an opinion or two.


3 thoughts on “Indian Culture and the Internet

  1. I do not really know what to say. These translations are ridiculous and disrespectful. Taking beautiful lyrics and because of the persons own ignorance equating them to disgusting meanings for fun is something i cannot even wrap my head around. I do not want to put it into a category to be analyzed (like orientalism) because it is that pathetic and not worth thinking about further. Whoever does sit and do things like this though is representing their own culture in a pretty terrible way. Sorry, dont mean to rant! It just rubbed me the wrong way.

  2. Wow. Well.

    First, I can safely say it’s both Orientalism /and/ dumb, lol. The main thing I noticed is the othered representation you get by taking an unknown language and doing this sort of transliteration. Specifically, that fact that someone who is presumably a Western citizen took the liberty of taking a non-Western language (Hindi?) and transliterating it into English words sets the West up as the bar by which other things are measured. Furthermore, the fact that the English words derived from it are either nonsense or crude shades that Western bar as a bar of reason, seeking to find all the “nonsensical” Indian songs of the world, test whether or not they’re nonsense, and conclude that they are, in fact, nonsense.

    On an unrelated note, the girl at the end of “Mehboob Mere” has a /really/ pretty robe.

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