Aravind Adiga interview

While perusing the internet for articles about the materials we have read thus far, I came across this article that contains an interview with the author of “White Tiger.” First off, I was surprised at how bold and opinionated the interviewer was in asking Adiga about how he has “the nerve to write about the experiences of India’s poor” and even refers to his narration as a poor man as “ventriloquizing.” According to Stuart Jeffries, Adiga is a relatively well off individual who is both educated and from a good family, making his depiction of a poor Indian character questionable.  The rest of the article seems to be Adiga’s response to this question, and the issue of authority as an author is brought up, which was another topic that was discussed in class. Below is the URL for the article in case anyone is curious as to how the author feels about his decision to write “White Tiger” and how he feels about India in general. Also, there is a link for the audio on the website from the interview in case anyone would prefer listening to it.


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