Save Lanka!

I just came across this very interesting short story by Anirvan Chatterjee, an incredibly intelligent Indian American bookworm/techie/activist who spent last year (along with landscape architect Barnali Ghosh) documenting the work of climate activists in Europe and Asia. He seems like a very interesting person, and you can learn more about him at his websites:

This short story won second place at the Katha 2011 fiction contest and is a critique of climate policy using the characters of the Ramayana to demonstrate the injustice, corruption, and political inaction related to environmental reform. To be honest I’m not 100% sure who his characters are supposed to represent, either the nations of South Asia, or a larger global cast, so hopefully a rereading of the text will flesh out some more of Chatterjee’s unique portrayals. The text certainly packs a powerful punch by reinventing the characters of the timeless classic to illustrate the controversy surrounding climate change and its consequences.


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