Media in the USA!!!!

I was watching CNN the other day and i noticed that instead of covering major Issues like the Famine in East Africa particularly in Somalia they were still covering the death of Amy Winehouse.  This is crazy for such a large media outlet that people watch.  I am sure if we ask a lot of Americans today about events around the world they would not know it which is sad because our media here is more concerned about actors and singers more than major events around the world.


6 thoughts on “Media in the USA!!!!

    • The point of this post was not about Somalia’s starvasion, it was about media in the states and what it sees as important. Also although starvation in Somalia is not a new thing but East Africa particularly Somalia has been going thru a major Famine and drought which it has not seen since the 1960.

      • That’s right, Farhia. You have to bring history back into the picture. You have to ask: what has happened so that now you have the worst famine since the 1960s? Somalia is not a space of eternal famine. Why was there such a severe famine now, and not ten years ago? What forces are behind it? When you bring history back, you can avoid thinking in simplistic ways.

        I would start, for instance, by asking whether the famine is linked to the global economic crisis. We know from economists like Amartya Sen that famines are not simply natural disasters, but are products of policy. Is there a link between the economic crises here, the rise of food prices globally, and the famine in Somalia?

        It’s possible that the comment above meant to be a critique of the media and not a repetition of the stereotype. But it has a similar problem to the line from “White Tiger” that we were analyzing yesterday, in which the narrator says that the poor are like children.

        Is the text saying the poor _are_ children, and criticizing them? Or is it pointing to the way in which they are seen as children and turned into children?

        Here’s how I would rewrite the comment above in order to create a space between the media’s stereotypes and my own voice: “People starving in Somalia are not seen as news because no one really pays attention to starving Africans anymore. They don’t really sell that well.”

  1. I agree with you that the famine in Somalia has many sides like you mentioned but i was simply making a statement about our local media and their lack of real news local or international. They are more interested in entertainment news. I follow many other news like BBC, Al Jazeera or even NPR which are great sources for what is happening around the world. The reason you thought i was being simplistic is because my post did not mean to talk about the root causes of the famine but i was just addressing the fact that our media does not cover many news of substance.

    • I’m in agreement with you, and did not think your post was simplistic! On the contrary, I was saying that your comment about this being the biggest famine since the 1960s allows us to think in non-simplistic ways.

  2. Why does the UN have it’s camps in Kenya making starving Somali’s walk hundreds of miles in order to get help? Because they are not there to help they are there to act like they care instead of actually caring. They are afraid of Al-Shabaab and they concern over their own lives and too afraid of the Islamist terror group to put the refugee camps close to where most of the people live in the U.N. controlled part of Mogadishu. I bet you have not heard this part of the story in the media.

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