An acquaintance of mine is studying abroad in India for the summer. Pictures were posted so as I was looking at the album, there was a picture of some indian food. Granted, the food in the picture did look more unfamiliar than even what I am used to, I was alarmed at one of the comments on the photo. A girl wrote “EWWW, no wonder everyone is so skinny in India.” I was immediately a little taken aback by the judgmental comment. It reminded me of why im grateful to go to a class like ours and learn how to approach comments like this differently. Instead of immediately getting upset, I began to think of why this girl had such an image of india/indian people based on the orientalist portrayals of the “east” as well as the poverty often shown in the media. It did not take the offense away from the comment, but it got me thinking in research mode which is indeed progress wrapped in a seemingly hopeless moment!


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