Arranged Marriages

Ever since class on Wednesday, I keep thinking back to the discussion about arranged marriage. I am pretty fascinated and I guess kind of surprised that arranged marriages are still so common. I asked a friend at lunch her thoughts on and I kind of explained what some people who had had experiences with arranged marriages said in class. At first, she seemed appalled at the idea, but in the end we kind of concluded that maybe our “marry for love” isn’t much different. Don’t we still consider money, family, values, personality, etc. when we look to marry someone? Can a marriage really be successful just because you love someone? I am continually amazed at how much this class is opening my eyes to knew thoughts and ideas!! Hope everyone had a great weekend. So excited to talk about God of Small Things in class!!


One thought on “Arranged Marriages

  1. I completely agree with this. I was taught growing up that the reason people come to America or the reason Americans go overseas to places like India is because people in those places don’t have freedom. But you still see people who are having arranged marriages, following the same religion, ect. And I agree its not that much different, you do look at alot of the same things and you also want your family and future spouse to get along. I was talking with a friend about marrying someone our parents don’t like and we both said we could never imagine doing that. So really parents have a huge influence in alot of love marriages too. And people aren’t forced to be in arranged marriages like alot of people think they are. I think if you are not used to the idea of arranged marriages then the idea of one just seems absolutely crazy until you take the time to learn more about them.

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