My Second Viewing of Slumdog

"The 'Feel-Good' Film of the Decade"

Without delving too deep into the profound issues of Slumdog Millionaire (something we’ll obviously be discussing in class) – I still wanted to comment on my recent viewing of the film.

I re-watched Slumdog Millionaire for the second time last week. I can honestly say that I was wearing a different lens than when I first saw it in theaters. I honestly believe that Slumdog Millionaire gained recognition because the cinematic world was ready for a ‘fairy tale’ of sorts.  The film is a ‘rags-to-riches’ story (so to speak) that is intertwined with a romance. What can get better than that? People love ‘feel good’ stories.

Anyways, I recall leaving the theater (after my initial viewing of the film) with an uplifted spirit. The film deeply saddened me at times; however, it ultimately ended well and that’s what I walked away with.

In viewing the film a second time (while wearing a different lens – a more conscious lens), I still found it to be deeply poignant; however, I can now discern the some of the unrealistic elements.

Again, I don’t want to delve into these issues now because we’ll be spending an entire class period discussing the film but I had just had to comment as it has been on my mind for several days now.


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