What does Delta Airlines have to say about West vs. East?

As I was wandering around the state fair yesterday I stumbled upon a man that was selling old magazine ads and articles. I began looking through the box labeled aviation thinking an early Delta ad may make a nice gift for my father. Check out what I found: My first realtion was not “how cool!!”, but rather “what do they mean by the ‘Western Word’ in the line below the picture?” Furthermore, my friend pointed out that every person on this ad and others are white. This made me think…What connotations did the term “Western world” carry in 1964 when this ad was published and are they the same today? Is Delta advertising the Western world because the company does not yet have flights that go to the East? Or, is the use of the term “Western” intended to demonstrate the airline’s superiority?

Before taking this course I think I would have been most interested in the fact that a person could spend 6 nights in Miami, FL for $20. I am shocked at just how much of a role that the notion of West vs. East plays in our daily lives. I am even more amazed/upset that it took me this long to notice it.




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