Female Virginity in the USA

Hello classy classmates,

In response to the discussion about females having all of the pressure to remain virgins before marriage, I would like to propose a reason for this. Back in the colorful days of Puritanism, it was widely believed that women were “more easily tempted by the devil” and, therefore, should be basically “ruled” by men after marriage to keep them from straying sexually. Maybe the supression of women has carried on? Or maybe women had to prove everyone wrong by remaining a virgin and the tradition lives on?





4 thoughts on “Female Virginity in the USA

  1. I am intrigued by the idea that a woman’s virginity is a way of fighting back. However I believe it is more of the former than the latter. I saw a show on the History Channel pertaining to unwed mothers. In which an unwed mother was fostered in a women’s shelter with her child and was giving it up because she was not married, this was in India. Now as we discussed in class on Wednesday there seems to be a strong double standard for women and men. As there was a South Indian Movie made in Telugu, the language I speak, of a girl who engaged in pre-marital sex and got pregnant. She went to a lawyer to fight for her rights and to punish the man, who had left her after promising to marry her. Prior to the court hearing she was vilified, not the man, he was put in jail for rape. Now this was an old movie but I feel the general population’s view has not changed, at least in India. By forcing a women to be a virgin till marriage, she will not have kids. Also the blood relations of any child wont be questioned. Each culture has their own way of making sure blood lineage is “pure.” As we read in “The Quilt and other stories” maids who were to sleep with the men of the household left when they got pregnant to give-up the baby and than come back to work. Now, science has changed and we can distinguish through DNA testing the biological testing of a child. Back then this was only the fool proof way. Tradition changes at a much slower pace than science, thus I feel the “supression” aspect is more evident.

  2. I’d say that women are ‘desired’ to be virgins for a few reasons:

    1) Diseases – Think about how HIV and sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise today. People aren’t having protected sex and therefore people are catching diseases left and right. Even if a person (man or woman) is to sleep with someone once, that could be all it takes to catch something.
    2) Emotions – Think about the emotions connected with having sex. It has been scientifically proven that chemicals are released in our bodies, attaching us to whomever we sleep with. Women are typically the more emotional of the sexes and therefore it is desired for women to remain virgins so these attachments never emerge.
    3) Spirituality – I’m not saying that people who don’t practice a religion have no morals and would prefer someone that has been sexually active over someone that hasn’t; however, spirituality plays a large role in people’s viewpoints regarding sexuality.

    This is just my opinion; however, I do believe there is truth to all of these.

    • I agree completely with this, as I overlooked it entirely at these points. To add on your second point, it has also been proven that the chemicals/hormones decrease in amount as the number of sexual partners increases. You number three point I would say is true as most major religions mandate that sex is for marriage only.

  3. I think many men still think of women as chattel. Sad.

    I think of the whole virginity thing like the whole firsting thing on the internet nowadays. The whole point is to race to a blog or an article or whatever, and be the first comment. All you have to do is write “first,” and then that person wins.

    The problem is that it ignores the content of the blog or article or whatever.

    And is putting “first” in the comment section of a blog or an article or whatever really winning?

    Not in my book.

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