Wait a sec…

This may be a little late, but I’d like to share it with all of you nonetheless.

I ordered my copy of “The Quilt and Other Stories” from Amazon. The price was right at $0.01 and shipping was nominal, so what could go wrong?

Well, it took ages to be delivered as it was shipped to the US from England and had to go through US Customs. When the book arrived, I saw that it was a former library book from the Warwickshire County Library. The interesting thing about the book was not its origin in England as a library book, but rather it was a sticker affixed to the cover:

click to enlarge

BLACK FICTION?!?! Wait a sec…

I thought we were dealing with northern Indian/Muslim fiction here? I typically don’t think of Indians as African-Americans, i.e., the group often considered “black.”

I wonder, is this an English thing? Do they considered any one other than white people as “black?” Or is it merely an ignorant mislabeling? I went to Warwickshire Library’s website and searched “black fiction,” and the results were authors that were ethnically African. They didn’t have a copy of “The Quilt” on hand, so there was no way to see how it was categorized.

Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Wait a sec…

  1. Hmmm perhaps the person who labeled it took one look at the cover, so a very dark skinned woman wearing a colorful scarf and thought, okay, black fiction.
    Some library.

  2. I’m sure it was merely a dumb mistake, but I’d like to think that librarians are one of the groups of people I can count on to be more self-aware than that.

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