Our Society

I actually really felt like the group work today in class really helped me work through The Veil.  Our group really got into a good discussion about what the story did for us emotionally and how it made us think about our tradition and culture that we grew up in compared to what the girl struggled with her whole life.

I think the veil has a way of being it’s own character in the story and it really makes you think about how you would react in that situation when you know what tradition is, and the way you are supposed to act when you are married.  In my own opinion, if my husband was demanding something of me in that way, there would definitely have to be a discussion about how that is not the way our marriage is going to work.  But in the story she had no voice in that way, she knew what tradition was and she knew that he was supposed to remove the veil for her.  I like the issues this brought up and our group had a really good talk about this.

I feel cheesy but today was a good class!


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