Nooo Reservationzzzzzzah

Has anyone seen Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations? I love this show. It’s one of my favorites to watch, especially for global good eats. But I have questions about it now, after learning about nationalism and orientalism. This guy’s pretty crazy with his adjectives and his smarty snooty comments about each country he visits, and he drapes each country, besides Europe, with this weird far-off exoticism and adventure.

I mean, ultimately, he’s just another Western hero looking for “the end of the road” (he says this in practically every episode) in the East.

So, what do you think? I still love the show and I do think Bourdain has a few good qualities and viewpoints, but do you guys see Anthony Bourdain the Orientalist or Anthony Bourdain the Curious Traveler?



2 thoughts on “Nooo Reservationzzzzzzah

  1. I think they way AB says the comments makes it sound like he’s trying to be funny/not serious. Also, he makes himself out to be a laughing stock.. so it’s really hard to take the comments he’s making as malitious. Also, some of his viewpoints actually make me laugh out loud because you can tell he’s being completely idiotic.
    Overall, I think it’s a great show. Maybe I should watch it again now that I’m taking this class?

  2. Without knowing the show or much about Anthony Bourdain, I’d point out that one thing to consider is the production of the show. Shows like that have a LOT more going on than what it looks like. It’s kind of like when you watch a renovation show on HGTV or DIY Network, and it’s a group of four people (cool looking, articulate host who does drywall and paints; handsome, man-among-men carpenter; attractive female designer; and quirky electrician–hows that for representations? XD), and they redo this whole room or three in, like, two days! There’s a huge crew there that you never see that helps with the work, and there’s a huge TV crew that writes certain “mishaps” into reality to add entertainment value. I mean, honestly, how many times can the cabinets /really/ not come in on time when they only have a couple hours left? It’s not gonna happen every show like it does. Additionally, if this “No Reservations” is the kind of show where he’s narrating the journey by means of voiceover, then it’s likely that that narrating happened after the footage was recorded, in a studio of some sort, with a script.

    All that to say, there’s a lot of production that goes into a T.V. show of any sort, fictional or not. Just like with advertisements, I’d be interested to know how much of this actually comes from Anthony Bourdain’s opinions, and how much of it comes from the formula of overseas adventure and the desire to sell the show.

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