Media Stereotypes

I pretended last night for a few hours that I had nothing to do at all and let myself succumb to a little pop culture and watch a pointless TV show and let my mind chill out for a second. Who knew I would be able to relate my worthless television watching to class?! My show of choice ended up on Grey’s Anatomy (all seven seasons free on netflix!). I was watching one of the first shows from the first seasons. Now Grey’s got a lot of attention for the diversity among it’s cast. Unlike a lot of shows with an all white cast and the one character thrown in for diversity, Grey’s has a good amount of diversity compared to other shows out right now. In a particular scene, Izzie (white) is asked to put stitches into a chinese woman who does not speak any English. Izzie calls for Christian (Asian), thinking obviously she will be able to help translate for her. When Izzie tells her what she needs help with, Christian stares blankly at Izzie and says she was born in Beverly Hills and can’t help her.

This reminded me a lot of when we talked in the beginning of the year about being from the United States and your identity of being American. Do you guys think the directors/writers were just looking for a laugh or trying to point out a flaw in our society or were they falling themselves into stereotypes?


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