The Quilt

The first short story in the book, The Veil, really hit me in a different emotional place.  Thinking about that situation was heart breaking, especially at the end.  It was my favorite story I read so far in there.


2 thoughts on “The Quilt

  1. me too! it was frustrating how her husband was so stubborn and i felt her suffering was constant, even though she was basically perfect and he was the one with problems. After all that, she still must suffer once he dies and she is a widow. It was sad but reminded me of the struggle women have been facing for generations.

  2. I agree. From our discussion in class today, other topics were brought up within our group about our society and and trying to picture our selves in that situation in a different culture. The story left me confused again as i re read it. It is definitely one of my favorites from the collection.

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