Muslim Majority in Europe

I’m sure everyone has heard about the recent attacks in Norway this weekend. Many of the articles I’ve read on it are suggesting that the suspect went on an anti-Muslim crusade. With an increasing number of Muslims in European countries and predictions that France will be a majority Muslim country in 20 to 30 years, with many countries following the trend in the near future, it will be interesting to see how European countries will re-identify themselves and come to view “us” versus the “other”. I also found an article from 2008 that states that “Now the wearing of the burqa has been ruled ‘incompatible’ with French values—and nationality.” Thoughts?


One thought on “Muslim Majority in Europe

  1. Being a Muslim living in the West i do have to say that the reaction worries me. Doubtless, I am disgusted by any terrorist attack, be it from those claiming to be Muslim or otherwise.
    The article you speak of is the mentality of many nations. French, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. 2 summers ago there was a ban on Minarets (the thin towers on a mosque) because it did not agree with Swiss values, even though it was just architecture. In France there is a question if one can be Muslim and French at the same time, because France’s separation of church and state is very strict, and being a Muslim can be a very open way of life. In Belgium, the burqas were banned, even though only 500 women in the entire country wore them. It is very difficult to achieve any sort of dialogue because European countries feel so threatened by Muslim immigrants, seeing as these immigrants are mostly coming from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, countries closest to the European border. I think what Europe needs to do is learn more about Islam and Muslims before stereotyping them. And what Muslims need to do is distinguish from religion and culture, because many things that are unfavorable are deemed Islamic, when really they are the result of an oppressive government and ancient cultural values (such as arranged marriages and “honor” killings…these are remnants of ancient cultural practices). It makes me very sad when I read things like this. I grew up as a practicing Muslim, and have never felt oppressed nor have I ever felt uneasy.

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