As I was walking by the circulating periodicals in the UA Library, Adolph Hitler happened to catch my eye–really his image on the cover of a back issue of MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History. As I flipped it open, an image of the Crown of Queen Elizabeth caught my eye, thanks in part to the Gemstones class I took last quarter. The photo accompanied a block of text teasing an extensive article titled “The War Over Plunder.” The big connection: the late Queen Mother’s crown contains the Koh-i-Noor Diamond which the British acquired after annexing Punjab in 1849. Someday I hope to read more about the history behind this gem, but for now I will share it here.



One thought on “Connections

  1. Kind of interesting that England still has the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, given that India has had its independence for 64 years or so. On one hand, it seems that it has symbolic significance. To be the jewel of someone’s crown would be to be a prized possession, put on display for all to see. Likewise, it seems fitting that the monarchs of England would wear this diamond while they ruled India, but now that they don’t, it doesn’t really make sense that they would wear a famous Indian diamond. The fact that they do almost seems to be a slap to the face. “You might be independent, but we got your diamond, and we’re not giving it back.”

    This, too, sort of reminds me of a lot of the various objects obtained by England as a result of their colonization that are now being sought after by their countries of origin.

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