E-Harmony vs. India’s “Partner Search Site”

While talking to a friend, (who is of Indian descent) I was informed that there are websites out there that advertise themselves as “matrimonial services.”  When I heard this, I immediately thought about our partner search sites here in America (namely E-Harmony, Match.com, Chemistry.com) and I decided to read the commentary from the founder of the site to see the differences.  What I found on the American sites were references to the success stories that lead to dating (and sometimes marriage, though not always), and the “matching” of different singles based on various dimensions such as interests, aspirations, etc. On the Indian site, I saw more emphasis on the matching of people for the purpose of getting married.  The site states, “By redefining the way people meet for marriage, Shaadi.com has created a world-renowned service that has touched over 20 million people.” This idea of cultural differences in terms of marriage is not a new concept but I found it interesting that these ideals have permeated into the online dating world.

In case anyone would like to see the site the URL is: http://www.shaadi.com.


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