American descriptions of Terrorism

While doing research for another course, I came across this newsclip which depicts eyewitness accounts of a terrorist attack in India.  The two women were in Mumbai, India dining in a restaurant when two armed individuals came in and opened fire.  I found the clip interesting because it presented a situation in which Americans were directly exposed to the violence that occurs in other parts of the world such as India and it actually surprised me that the women did not have anything overly negative or deragatory to say about the attackers.  Though this was simply meant to inform the public of the event, I almost expected the American women to comment on the appearance of the terrorists and describe them in the stereotypical manner that we have heard used here in the U.S post-9/11.  Still, I thought the clip was relevant because it gave me the sense that these women are among the few Americans who can relate with India’s struggle with violence and saw a devastating account of the gravity of this violence firsthand.

here is the link:;lst;1


One thought on “American descriptions of Terrorism

  1. They seemed to understand that race doesn’t matter when you’re dealing with violence like that. It scared me just listening to the first woman’s account of her friend’s death while she was comforting him. I can’t imagine the kind of shock, trauma, and sadness that follows a tragic incident like that.

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