Sticky Situation

While cleaning out my car from July 4th weekend (yes, I am that lazy) today, I found among my camping gear a handful of stickers that someone handed me at a concert I attended over that weekend. Most of them were dumb and said ‘Rock On’ or some other banal saying. This one caught my eye, though. What do you think? Offensive, not offensive? Working to perpetuate various sterotypes, for sure.

My vote goes to offensive.


3 thoughts on “Sticky Situation

  1. I laughed. How many times parents say:”Eat all your food; Children are starving in ______(Third World Countries of your choice). But what if they would say instead:>Eat all your food. Children are starving in Columbus.”
    Wouldn’t it be true and equally absurd. Although maybe not a stereotype, rather a stab at Middle America complacency. .

  2. I was a childhood “victim” of that statement a few times in my life, but I tend to remember the comedic takes:
    How come you’re always such a fussy young man,
    Don’t want no Captain Crunch, don’t want no Raisin Bran,
    Well don’t you know that other kids are starving in Japan,
    So eat it, just eat it.
    —Weird Al Yankovic

  3. I totally remember that Weird Al song, Jim.

    Now, looking back, Japan at that time was thought to be about to overtake America’s economy as the largest in the world, kinda like China today. Remember Kennedy’s “Rise and Fall of the Great Powers?”

    Put this in perspective with the perceived rise of India, and it makes me think that whichever country is on the rise makes it a target for derision.

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