Confederate History?

So I am in hanging out for the week in South Carolina with my family and my little brother had us stop in Columbia to check out USC. The school happens to be right next to the capital building. The building is beautiful but sure enough, right in the front of the building flies the confederate flag. I know we talked about it for a quick second in class so I thought I’d bring it up. We kind of talked about if this is a part of Southern history that is thought by some people to be okay. Anyone have any thoughts? My family seemed to think they had the freedom of speech to fly the flag. Agree or disagree?


2 thoughts on “Confederate History?

  1. While I’ve never been there, I’ve seen photos. The Confederate Flag of which you speak, I believe flies as part of the Civil War monument, so it’s not as if they are flying it on the capital building itself, which would not be right IMHO.

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