Merits as a novel

Admittedly I was caught up in reading Untouchable as a political example rather than paying attention to its merits as a novel. That being said, I did manage to notice a few literary passages along the way. We discussed narrative style briefly on Wednesday, but the extended paragraph on page 78 is a good blend of literary and political.

The awe and romance, hatred and love, the familiar and the unknown all point to sympathy on the part of Mulk Raj Anand toward Bakha by allowing him to feel a sense of hope that he may one day escape the stigma of untouchability.

What are your thoughts on this and other similar passages?


One thought on “Merits as a novel

  1. I did really like the passage you are speaking off. I also very touched by the passage on page 52 where Bakha has his epiphany moment about being untouchable. I can’t imagine that feeling of knowing people consider you so less than themselves they can’t even come in contact with you. I agree that I read the text in a political way but at this moment no matter under what type of lens you are reading the story, you feel for Bakha.

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