Inherent Racism.

I have read though most of the blogs and one think struck out to me. As if it is an equation: racism = uneducated = BAD BAD BAD. Now, I am not condoning it in any sense or denying it  but I wanted to bring up an argument I had made in a previous class of mine. My argument was that each person was Inherently racist, be it good or bad. According to the Oxford English Dictionary Racism is defined as the following: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race” , The later part says prejudice based on assuming one’s race is better that on another, which is what I think is wrong.Now look into the first part “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race.” So inherently racism is prejudice based on race.

Here is something you can try, a game of mad libs: Choose a word for each underlined sections

There is a random, unknown, male/female (verb) towards you. They are wearing _____(noun)_______. They are (adj.). Their skin color is __(adj.)___. They are carrying a _(noun)__. They are _(adj)_____.

Now read the above paragraph to a “non racist person.” Ask them Based on their (clothing/skin color/etc) what do you think they are/were.

If it worked similarly to that of my “experiment game of madlibs” Some conclusions were drawn on a variety of things. Was that person not being racist? For sure they were being prejudice now in this light it’s not a bad thing.

Now that I have explained (or tried to explain) by argument that people are inherently racist/prejudice I want to tie it into entertainment. Racism not only about India, about other countries/races too, is prevalent in entertainment. Does it make entertainment bad, less funny? Personally I don’t think it does. Russell Peters a well-known Indian-Canadian Comedian has most if not all of his jokes based on racism. However his audience is laughing even those who identify with that race/grouping. Why do I believe this is ok? Because I know most people now how to “sift” the racism out. By this I mean they understand that something is racist is one thing and perusing it or applying it to another thing, are two different things.So I aim to say that I believe just because something is racist does not mean it is not entertaining or one can’t/shouldn’t watch it but one should be able to decipher racism and leave in a level where it does not cause you do be ignorant of truth. This where some people go wrong, they take racism and apply it and believe it is truth.

This is my thought on racism and how it applies to many of the posts about how because it is racism it can’t be watched/etc.


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