I am unsure if this is too late to comment on “Untouchable” , although we did discuss it again at length in class today.  I don’t having anything monumental to say about it really, but I think that it is interesting on the perspective that we are receiving the story.  It tripped me up thinking about it how we are getting someones personal experience through another persons eyes — making it not so personal. I just thought that this part of our discussion in class was very interesting and was wondering if anyone had anything else to add to it.

comments welcome, of all kind.


One thought on “Untouchable

  1. This links directly to today’s class, doesn’t it, where unreliability also extends into the discussion of 1st person narration, when the central character’s story is narrated through his own eyes. So then narration itself leads to these questions, not necessarily whether it’s first person or third person. It’s just that the specific questions change.

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