Prior to taking this course, I knew little of the background of Gandhi. Reading his autobiography was truly inspiring to me because it was proof that each individual has the power to change the world. Reading his anecdotes about youth, marrying young, even his old mentalities about the roles of the husband vs wife, all were due to the day and age, yet he was able to self-purify and change his ways to become the world-changing phenomenon he is known as today. The movie was very well done, Ben Kingsley did a great job portraying the humility and gentleness that Gandhi innately had.

Reading/watching the works regarding Gandhi has, like we discussed in class, caused me to self-reflect on my life and my choices, especially on who i associate with and how i spend my time. There is a passage on page 19 about friendship that I began to contemplate.

“True friendship is an identity of souls rarely to be found in this world. Only between like natures can friendship altogether worthy and enduring. Friends react to one another…I am of the opinion that all exclusive intimacies must be avoided; for man takes in vice far more readily than virtue. And he who would be friends with God must remain alone, or make the whole world his friend.”

Im definitely attempting to do the latter and make the whole world my friend, have a great 4th of july!



3 thoughts on “Gandhi

  1. Isn’t there a contradiction in Gandhi”s statement when he says true friends must have like natures? Then how can the whole world be your friend.?

  2. Making the world your friend doesnt mean looking for a TRUE friend in everyone. The feature of the beginning of his statement is TRUE friend. That is a rarity and not possible to have with everyone. Friendship and coexistence however, can occur regardless and with everyone, at least in my opinion!

    Also, you “would be friends with God you must remain alone or make the world your friend.” This statement to me means see God in everyone, which is something i need to begin doing to successfully make the world my friend and to have Ahimsa and coexistence. Bc when you see God in each entity, that in itself can cure the hatred/anger/violence that exists in the world and the separation we have with one another.

  3. I’m glad you posted the passage regarding how he viewed friendship. I reread this a few times and found it to be really intriguing. I, too, find his ways of thinking to be inspiring.

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