Norway or Sweden?

Here’s the commercial I was talking about in class. It’s interesting how it’s often assumed that Asian Americans have a deep-rooted connection with their ancestral home while that same connection is not expected of the white majority. I think this also attests to the fact that South Asian characters, actors, and movies seem to represent South Asia as a whole. Andrew’s post regarding the controversy over The Last Airbender exposes how the characterization of the role of Zuko, the villain in the movie, as an Indian actor in contrast to the white heroes poses a problem. In the movie all of the villains appear to be of South Asian descent, which causes doubt about the intention of casting the characters. In Gunga Din, however, the obviously biased attitude is poorly disguised by placing Indian officials among the British officers, which allows the associates of the film to claim innocence for their egregious depiction of Indians.


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