If you’re a student in my English 583 (Summer 2011) class, please follow the instructions from class about getting yourself signed up as an author.

If you’re just visiting — bookmark this link and return in about a week!  We should have some interesting material for you to check out.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Having trouble figuring out how to be accepted as an author. Dashboard doesn’t have an invite link or anything!!!
    But yes, class was really cool today. It reminded me of an Indian film i saw just last week called Stars on Earth with Aamir Khan (Taare Zameen Par (?), It was about an 8 yr old Indian boy whose dyslexia goes unnoticed by his teachers, friends, and even his own family. Near the end of the film, after he has been sent to boarding school under Aamir Khan’s tutelage, he learns to branch out through his talent in painting and architecture and affect everyone around him. It made me think that perhaps the boy was a metaphor for the problems in India’s education system, and his talent and arts and crafts was suggestive of the solution (more focus on individuality, perhaps, less oppression from the teachers on traditional academics). I was also reminded of Dinesh D’Souza’s article on how Colonialism was actually great for India (cough), because it brought Western education and capitalism, implying that India needed the West in order to receive “proper” education. Of course, he was brought up going to British schools and was more assimilated in Western ideals than his own father, who hated the British.
    It’s interesting how D’Souza and his father differ so greatly in opinion, even though they are both Indians. Any misreads on the article are my own. Sorry if i messed up some facts.

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